Have you built a reliable security camera system for your house?

You may say, "I set a NVR to view all my security cameras with just one tap on my PC" or "I bought several IP cameras and the manufacturer taught me how to see the videos through their app"

There are many ways to build your own home security camera system, but it's always restricted.

What if a docker image helps you combine all your IP cameras into one device or one app?

eWeLink camera gateway can be the bridge to connect your most local RTSP IP cameras to eWeLink App/*Web, *Echo Show and *Google Nest Hub. (*coming soon)

As known, most IP cameras on the market support RTSP protocol so we tend to use specific RTSP viewers instead of watching videos on an app or web browsers directly. If we change the RTSP stream to WebRTC then RTSP camera can be playable on Web Browser. This magic happens inside the eWeLink camera gateway.

Camera Gateway is a docker image that can be installed on Linux or Raspberry Pi, converting your old security camera that only supports RTSP video stream to WebRTC live stream.

The first thing is to install this image in a docker. It's not complicated even if you don't know much about computer technology. How long it will take? If your Linux or Raspberry Pi is ready, 10 minutes is enough!

*Please take this guide for reference>>https://appcms-src.coolkit.cn/camera-gateway/help-camera-gateway/11124.html

The next thing is to find out your RTSP cameras to add!

As camera gateway allows RTSP cameras from large manufacturers like Hikvision, Dahua, TP-Link to be integrated into the eWeLink app, it should be an easy step to find some IP cameras to build a more secure and convenient house security system.

It's finished! Now you can open your control platform to watch live video monitoring.

So there you go: a security camera system, running on Linux or Raspberry Pi linking with several local cameras in under 30 minutes.

Let's start your TRY!