I. Installation

➢Install Docker on different operating systems (This tutorial is run on Raspberry Pi as an example). How to install a Docker can take this tutorial as reference: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/docker-on-raspberry-pihttps://runnable.com/docker/

➢Visit Docker Hub(https://hub.docker.com/), search "Coolkitmobile", copy the Docker Pull Command.

*You can access to this image>>https://hub.docker.com/r/coolkitmobile/mediagate/

➢Open a command line window, paste the copied docker pull command or just type "docker pull coolkitmobile/mediagate:latest" manually.

*Tips: If you are prompted with incorrect username or password, please log in to your docker account first, and type in the command line window: docker login -u username -p password.

➢Type this command line in the command line window "docker run --privileged=true --network host -v ${yourFileDirection}:/mg/dist/data -d coolkitmobile/mediagate"

* Find the local path to the docker file and replace ${yourFileDirection} in the command line above.

Now the gateway container is working! 


Now you've installed the eWeLink camera gateway, let's dive into the settings part.

➢On any device in the same LAN, access cameragateway.local:8606 through a browser or directly access tbe IP address:8606 (Refer to the IP address shown in the command window of Docker)



Log in successfully, access the page of the camera gateway. It will automatically search for cameras, you need to click the camera that is automatically found and enter the camera information. Or you can also click the add camera button in the upper right corner to add camera. 


*It will be displayed on the device list after a successful addition as follows.

➢The camera gateway and added cameras are visible in the eWeLink App as an icon as follows.


➢Click the camera to start the monitoring.


III. Common Questions

Q: What kind of system do eWeLink camera gateway support?

A: You can run eWeLink camera gateway on any device(Linux/Raspberry Pi) that has installed a docker. We are working on supporting Win 10 PC and Mac, please stay tuned with us.

Q: Supported video codec and audio codec by eWeLink camera gateway.

A: Video format: H.264 / Audio format: G711a

Q: How to install a Docker on my device?

A: You can follow this tutorial to finish the installation of the Docker. >https://runnable.com/docker/

Q: The docker pull and docker run commands returns error.

A: According to the window error prompt to troubleshoot the problem, if multiple attempts still can not run the gateway, please submit a feedback to eWeLink customer service: support@ewelink.zendesk.com.

Q: Why can't I access cameragateway.local:8606 ?

Use the docker ps command to confirm that the gateway program is running.
Confirm that the terminal device accessing the URL is on the same LAN as the gateway.

Q: Why I failed to log in to eWeLink camera gateway with my eWeLink account?

A: Please make sure that the eWeLink account is a valid account that has been successfully registered in the eWeLink App.

Q: Failed to add a camera successfully.

Open the browser, enter the camera IP, access the camera's administrative backend, and confirm that the camera's user name and password are correct.

• Use third-party player software to check whether the URL of the camera is valid. More feedback please send the relevant information about the camera gateway and camera to support@ewelink.zendesk.com for help.

Q: Cannot find the camera via automatic search.

Make sure the camera and the gateway are on the same LAN.

Confirm that the camera is open for ONVIF service in the camera's administration backend.

This could happen due to the System Constraint or instability network, please add your camera manually.

Q: Where can I find my camera's username and password?

A: Please look it up in the user manual or consult the factory.

Q: What types of IP camera can be added to eWeLink camera gateway?

A: Mostly IP cameras that support RTSP streaming protocol/ONVIF can be added to the camera gateway.

Q: How can I find the RTSP of my IP camera?

A: The common format is: rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip]:[port]. The specific link is based on the manufacturer's rules.

Q: Prompt the number of cameras has reached the maximum.

A: Under one camera gateway: Free members can add 1 camera device, Advanced members can add 10 cameras devices.