Meet eWeLink Camera Plan

Unlock exclusive features that make your Cams even better

eWeLink Camera Plan offers a comprehensive service that cares about your everyday home security. It keeps an eye on your property 24/7 and keeps you alerted wherever you're. With multiple access to live view, you can view the live streaming anytime, anywhere.


  • Event Video History

The camera starts recording clips when detects motion. Recorded videos are stored in the cloud for 30 days. It allows you to review the clips whenever & wherever you like.


  • Trigger event recording by sensor

Customize the video recording by adding a sensor. When the status of your sensor changes, the camera starts recording. For example, when the door sensor detects the door is open, the camera records what happened and notify you right away.


  • Live streaming on Echo Show and Google Nest Hub

Link your eWeLink account to Alexa and Google Home first, and discover the camera on Alexa App and Google Home App. Anytime you want to view the live feed but your phone is not on hand, just ask Alexa and Google. You can even watch, hear, and speak to Echo Show.


  • Live streaming on eWeLink Web

When adding too many devices to the eWeLink App, scrolling in the App to find the camera is a struggle. eWeLink Web is right for you especially when you're sitting in front of the PC. You have easier access to the camera's live streaming. It also offers a better viewing experience on a larger screen.


  • Motion detection notification

When the camera detects motions around your premise, it notifies you right away. So you won't miss the events even if you're away from home.


  • Event video sharing

With the Camera Plan, recorded videos not only can be saved, but can be shared with family and friends. Click the share icon to share the clips to anyone you like and anywhere such as, the Apps installed on your phone, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Happy moments captured by the camera are worth sharing.


  • 2x & 4x Event video fast-view

Reviewing all clips throughout the day takes time. Speeding up the video will make it much easier. Set the playback speed to 2x and 4x, so you can spend less time reviewing more events.


  • Alerts on Apple Watch

When your Apple Watch pairs with your iPhone, the notifications will be at your wrist. It's a rather handy access to know what is detected by the camera, especially when it's not convenient to reach your cell phone.


More exciting new features are coming in June.

  • Rich notifications

The notifications include rich content like images. You can preview what has been captured in advance.


  • Animated preview

When you press and hold the notification, it shows a short clip, so you can get a sneak peek at what happened and take faster action like activating the siren to unexpected events.






Compatible with:

Sonoff CAM Slim

Sonoff GK-200MP2-B (Cloud Storage)

(Notes: Features of the camera plan depend on hardware capabilities, and currently the two models above supported.)