What’s New in V4.14

Half of the 2021 has now officially passed! What are your goals for the remaining half ? What strategies do you have to make sure you achieve that?
Let's shape the future with eWeLink App 4.14 new version. I’m sure you are looking forward to the following features.

Temperature/humidity displayed on homepage

TH series is one of the most popular device. Connecting the Si7021 sensor or DS18B20 waterproof sensor with the switch, which you can use it in any corner of your house to monitor ambient temperature and humidity in real time. In this version,  you can check the specific temperature and humidity on the homepage, no need to click on it separately.

Add email to your phone number account

Specially as we know, some users used their phone numbers to register eWeLink account. In order to let them be more convenient to participate our activities, just like our Advanced Plan, this version you can add email to the eWeLink phone numeber account.

Step 1. Open eWeLink App, select Profile and tap the button on the upper right

Step 2. Select eWeLink Account
Step 3. Tap Link now
Step 4. Enter your email and tap Verification Code
Step 5. Enter verification code and tap Done.

Sharing devices via WhatsApp 

In your Device Settings, we have a feature that can share this device with your family or friends in V4.14. If they have installed and registered eWeLink App, they can directly receive the device you shared. If not, they need to download at first. Let's try to share device with others.
Step 1. Open the device and tap the button on the upper left
Step 2. Select Share
Step 3. Tap Share with WhatsApp
Step 4. Select the device and number of people you want to share and tap Save to share it.

Notifications divided into 4 categories

In V4.14, you can view various notifications more conveniently. Notice has newly added notice categories. Your messages are divided into Device Notice, Sharing Notice, Support Message, System Message 4 categories. Your latest news is displayed under each category. Click them that you can view the messages within 3 months.

Voice assistant setup and instructions in device settings

Many users use smart speakers when they need control  devices. In this version, you can check which voice platforms your device supports, and quickly link with them.

Step 1. Open the device and tap the button on the upper right
Step 2. Select Voice Assistant
Step 3. Select voice platforms that you want to link and tap Link now
Step 4. Link with it.



1. If your TX Series is prompted to upgrade, please do it as soon as possible to ensure that the device can work stably.

2. Multi-channel Smart Plug can use the LAN feature normaly.