- Try out app features without login
- Dark mode
- Optimized devices sharing experience
- Optimized bluetooth paring experience
- Optimized timers arrangement
- Account linking with Phillips Hue and control lighting devices
- Support for reassigning the device to another home after paired
- Fixed known issues


-Fixed known issues


-Fixed known issues


-Fixed known issues


-Support for changing account email or adding email for mobile account
-Available languages are now listed in alphabetic order and support searching
-Support for in-app purchase via Google Pay for subscription
-Support for sign-up and login by mobile for users in Taiwan and Southeast Asia
-Fixes of known issues


-Fixed known issues


-Added ability to share devices with friends via WhatsApp now
-A new feature that allows you to select manual scenes to show on homepage
-Optimized homepage visual effect
-Improved pairing experience

2.Device features:
-Supported voice assistants were added to device settings for quick setup and instructions
-Fixed known issues


-Optimized pairing experience
-Fixed known issues


-Released a new software, eWeLink Keyboard, which allows users to trigger manual scenes with keyboard shortcuts
-Optimized pairing experience and improved success rate
-Fixed known issues


-Fixes of known issues


-Feature of setting wiring diagram for Bluetooth music light strip
-Articles in message tab can now be shared
-In-app review of feedback tickets
-Fixes of known issues


App feature updates:
-Support for scene feature on Zigbee light
-Added effective periods for the auto mode of TH devices
-Fixed some known issues


1.New Products:
-eWeLink Remote app
-eWeLink Remote white tunable light

2.App Improvements:
-RM2.4GHz switch can be shared now;
-Added battery level for Zigbee subdevices;
-Added support for Romanian language;
-Optimized how devices are rearranged;
-Fixes of known issues;


Fixes of known issues


New Products:
-Bluetooth music light strip


1.New Products:
-Zigbee smoke sensor

2.App Improvements:
-Added effective periods for Motion Sensor Switch
-Polished translations of some languages
-Fixes of known issues


1.New Products:
-Zigbee White Light, Warm and Cool White Light, Colored Light
-Smart Thermostat
-Roller Shutter Switch
-Curtain Switch

2.App Improvements:
- Support for Hebrew
-Optimized pairing experience
-Fixes of known issues


1.Feature updates
-You can now control a Remote Control Switch with a 'tap-to-perform' scene.
-Shared users are able to check the notifications and log of WiFi door sensor now.
-More logs of RF bridge are available for review.

2.Performance improvements
-Improved pairing experience by adding more pairing prompts.
-Fixes of known issues


1. App enhancement
- Supports right-to-left languages such as Arabic now
- Optimized LAN feature for users to control devices without internet connection

2.Feature updates
- The ON/OFF of THs (switch with temperature & humidity sensor) available as a trigger for scenes
- Some devices can now change WiFi network info without re-adding.


1. App Improvements
- Bulk Timer Edit: adjusts multiple timers back or forward simultaneously.
- Improved Google App Flip linking. Link with Google in eWeLink app without entering Google credential.

2. New Product
- Smart Massage Bed

3. Bug fixes


App Improvement:
1.The 'double press' of WiFi door sensor available as a condition for scenes
2.Multiple conditions are supported when creating scenes
3.Delay can be added to scene actions
4.Scenes can be used as action when creating scenes
5.Adding multiple devices simultanelously with quick pairing mode


New products:
1.Smart AC Panel
2.Smart Air Purifier
3.Smart Air Purifier with UV light

New Features:
Some new devices passed Amazon Alexa CFH certification.CFH certified devices do not require pairing in the eWeLink app. Plug and play immediately.

App Improvement:
1.Support for App Flip linking( account linking with Google Assistant without entering login or password).
2.Widget for android users to control devices without opening the app.


New products:
1.Bathroom Heater
2.CCT Table Lamp

New features:
1.Loop timer available for ZigBee switches and sockets.
2.Low battery push notification available for ZigBee sensors.
3.Support disabling network indicator of ZigBee hub.

APP performance:
1.Added vibration for device control
2.Improved user experience


New product:
Smart thermostat

New functions on separate products:
1.Set WiFi doorbell as trigger in a scene
2.Bind camera to WiFi door sensor
3.Bind camera to Zigbee Hub
4.Set 'No motion detected' as scene trigger with Zigbee motion sensor
5.Set 'No leak detected' as scene trigger with Zigbee water leak sensor
6.Shared users can now receive push notifications of Zigbee devices

Overall APP Improvement:
Added support for 6 new languages, respectively Dutch,Portuguese(Portugal),Croatian,Serbian,Thai,and Indonesian.


Overall APP Improvement:
Performance improvement.


New product:
2.4G bluetooth remote

Overall APP Improvement:
UI improvement.


1.Device update: Physical button on WiFi door sensor can be set as condition of scenes.

2.APP features:

  • Works with Yandex Alice.
  • Details of subscription plans updated.
  • Option to switch between list view and grid view for device list.


1.Brand new UI: Upgraded visual effect and user experience.
2.Manage your homes and rooms, existing devices will be in your home by default.
3.Option to reorder devices , One key to hide offline devices on home screen.
4.Recommended scenes, manual scenes are accessible on home screen.


New product:
Pat lamp,Air purifier for pet

New functions on separate products:
1.Temp/humidity level is replaced with value on TH10/16.
2.Bind camera feature available on roller shutter controller.
3.Zigbee Hub can be shared with others.
4.Adjusted the UI of eWeLink IoT camera.
5.Many new functions for WiFi Door Sensor.
6.Push notifications of RF bridge show names of alarm.

Overall APP Improvement:
1.FAQ updated.
2.Description of new firmware on update screen.
3.Feature to add device ID mannually when failing to pair through QR code.


New product:
Support for new Dimmer and microUSB breaker of Sonoff and Zigbee hub.

New functions on separate products:
1.Easier AP pairing for some devices
2.Schedule and countdown available for WiFi doorbell
3.LAN available for some bulbs
4.Child device of Zigbee hub can be used as trigger in scene. (open/close of window/door, motion detected, Single click/double click/Long press of WiFi switch, temperature/humidity equal to/higher than/lower than a certain value)
5.eWeLink IOT camera can be shared with others
6.Cameras can now be played via RTSP on NVR devices
7.Time needed for RF buttons to enter learning mode changed from 1s to 5s.

Overall APP Improvement:
1.'Link to Alexa' allows users to authorize and link Alexa account without changing app
2.New Sections on personal profile,'Explore','Rate Us',eWeLink Social Media accounts
3.Fixed feedback submission failure
4.Updated 'About eWeLink'
5.Added prompt reminder for users who enter any space in WiFi password when pairing devices


New product:
new RGB five-colors lamp, Smart Circuit Breaker

New functions on separate products:
1.the opening and closing of the door sensor can be used as the scene trigger condition and send push notification
2.Support multiple light bulb devices as a group to control
3.New model of the eWeLink IoT camera supports tripod head function
4.the 433 RF gateway now can exit learning mode automatically.

Overall APP Improvement:
"About eWeLink" section update.


New product:
Smart Door Sensor

New functions on separate products:
1.Smart Doorbell Gateway supports notifications
2.Multiple-channel socket supports 3 month history records
3.IoT camera supports Time Zone setting.

Overall APP Improvement:
1.Sign up&Log in process optimization
2.Supports Sunrise&Sunset as a trigger condition of the Scene.
3.Push Notification Optimization