How to create scenes

To make a smart home really smart, you will need automations where the on/off of switches or brightness of bulbs are set automatically based on some preset conditions. In the eWeLink app, the automations are called scenes.

There are two types of settings required for creating a scene.

  1. Set condition
  2. Select action devices and set actions to take

1. Set condition

There are four options for conditions, respectively ‘Tap to perform’, ‘Time of day’, ‘Sunrise/Sunset’, and ‘Smart Device’. Select one of them as the premise of the self-executing scene. Each of them resolves different user scenarios.

a) Tap to perform

A ‘tap to perform’ scene allows you to control multiple devices with one tap, regardless of device types or locations. For instance, when we need to tap once to turn off all the lights, switches, plugs, and all the other devices in our home, select ‘Tap to perform’ as the condition and add all devices turning off as actions.

The scenes with ‘Tap to perform’ as condition will be displayed in the home screen as shortcuts to manual scenes.

b) Time of day

When you expect to auto control multiple devices at a certain time, you can set ‘Time of day’ as the condition for your scene. For example, you would like to come to work without bothering to turn on every AC in your office. Just create a scene with a schedule to do it.

c) Sunrise/Sunset

If you hope your devices will act upon the rise and fall of the sun, set ‘Sunrise/Sunset’ as the condition for your scene. For instance, select ‘Sunset’ as the condition so that the lamp in your garden turns on at sunset.

When you select this trigger, you will be required to grant eWeLink app access to your locations on your smartphone. Furthermore, due to the time differences of sunrise and sunset at different geolocations, eWeLink also requires the location of the selected device for accurate schedule.

d) Smart Device

In the case that you wish one device to trigger another device, you need to select ‘Smart Device’ as the condition for your scene. To turn on the light as soon as the door opens, choose ‘Smart Device’ and set the door sensor status as the condition for your scene.

Currently, scene does not support different channels of one multi-channel device to trigger each other. You can only create one device as condition and another as action.
When ‘Smart Device’ is selected as the condition, you can set an effective period for this scene. You may not want your light to turn on when the door opens during the daytime. Then make it effective only during night hours.

2. Create actions

After the condition is confirmed, you need to select smart devices to take actions upon the trigger. Actions available for each device are subject to the capabilities of the device. Please refer to the eWeLink app as to which actions your device supports.

First, select the smart device to react to the condition.

Next, choose the action you expect the device to take.

Lastly, tap ‘save’ and all set.

You can create more than one actions for a scene. For example, you can have the light to turn on, water heater on, TV off and a series of other actions at Sunset.

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